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b) Medium level of threat protection.  Follow guidance
given for defeating the low-level threat.  In addition, specify and provide
bullet- resistant window assemblies that are designed to defeat the medium
severity threat level shown in Table 45.
c) High level of threat protection.  Specify and provide
bullet-resistant window assemblies that are designed to defeat the high level
threat shown in Table 45.  Standard bullet-resistant window assemblies are
available from manufacturers of bullet-resistant components.  Because bullet-
resistant window assemblies are extremely heavy and expensive, minimize their
number and size.  Coordinate wall construction to ensure adequate structural
support for the windows.
Bullet-resistant window assemblies are all similar, employing
laminated construction designed to defeat the specified threat.  An example
is illustrated in Figure 66.  This assembly uses laminated glass backed with
a 0.5-inch (12.7-mm)-thick polycarbonate spall shield to resist the
0.30-caliber (7.62-mm) high-severity threat.  Safety glass laminated with


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