Quantcast Figure 66. Example of High-Severity -Ballistic -Threat Bullet- Resistant Glass Cross Section

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construction to avoid a weak ballistic boundary. Some other examples of
bullet-resistant window assemblies designed to defeat the high-severity
threat are shown in Table 48.
d)  Very high level of threat protection.  Eliminate
windows in facilities that must withstand the very high-level threat.
5)  Utility Openings.  Protect utility openings where assets could
be targeted through them.  Specify sight-proof fixed louvers for all levels
of protection.  Bullet-resistant louvers or dampers shall be used to resist
the appropriate severity level for the higher levels of protection.
Coordinate wall construction to ensure adequate structural support for
bullet-resistant utility opening protection.
6)  Roof Protection.  Provide roof protection only where there are
potential sightlines to the roof.  For the low level of protection, eliminate
skylights or obscure sightlines through skylights and use opaque roof
scuttles.  For the medium through very high levels of protection, harden the
roof construction using concrete components which provide equivalent
construction to the rated wall assemblies shown in Table 46.  Specify bullet-


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