Quantcast 8400 Series

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8400 Series.  These combination locks are Group 1 or 1R locks
designed to provide resistance against surreptitious opening by manipulation
through the sense of touch, sound, `reading," electronic listening, and on
Group 1R models, radiological attack.  These locks are equipped with the
universal "centi-spline" dial.  This dial has a removable spindle that can be
positioned to any one of 100 settings that correspond with the dial gradua-
tions.  This permits the spline to be positioned to any hand condition.  Each
model is available with or without a metal tube that is secured to the lock
case and simplifies installation by accurately aligning the dial ring index
with the lock.  It also protects the spindle from door insulation.
Some 8400 Series locks have a torque adjustment feature that applies
precise pressure to the wheel pack to guard against vibrating or "walking" the
wheels into alignment.  The torque adjustment allows the dial torque to be
adjusted to individual touch.  An 8400 Series lock is illustrated in Figures 6
and 7.
Figure 6
Front View, Sargent & Greenleaf 8400 Series Mounted
Combination Lock


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