Quantcast Torque Adjustment - 1013_80022

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Rotate dial to 0 and the arrow knob to 0.
p)  Insert the inner spindle.  Make sure the tip of the inner
spindle seats properly into the hole in the cam slide (see Figures 7 and 8).
The lock
q) Attach the back cover using the cover mounting screws.
is now ready to have the new combination set.
Figure 8
Sargent & Greenleaf 8400 Series With Back Cover Removed
Torque Adjustment.  To adjust torque on locks equipped with an
adjusting screw, remove the back cover and insert a 3/32-inch allen wrench
into the adjusting screw (reference Figure 8).  Turn clockwise to tighten or
counterclockwise to loosen.
Adjustment should not be less than 18 inch
ounces (0.13 NZGm) nor more than 24 inch-ounces
(0.17 NZGm) of dialing torque (a slight drag on
the dial).  Whenever lock torque is changed,
the combination must be reset.


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