Quantcast Installation Procedure -Cont. - 1013_80027

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b) Using the template, drill and tap four holes in mounting plate
for the lock-attaching screws (1/4-20).  Drill hole in mounting plate for the
spindle shaft (0.813-inch (21-mm) diameter if lock has a tube, 0.625-inch
(16-mm) diameter if it does not).
Remove the back cover of the lock.
d) Place the lock bolt in the locked or engaged position and the
accelerator spring in the loaded position (Figure 11 - Note:  Do not remove
the drive cam).
If your lock is equipped with a tube, proceed with step e) below. If not,
proceed to step h).
e)  Insert tube and hold lock against the mounting plate.
dial ring on tube and lightly tighten tube nut.
f) Measure and mark tube excess from door.  Remove the lock and add
3.0 millimeters or 1/8 inch (to insert the dial ring bushing) and cut off
excess tube.
Figure 11
Sargent & Greenleaf 8500 Series With Back Cover Removed


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