Quantcast Installation Procedure -Cont. - 1013_80028

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Remove any burrs from the end of the tube.
h) Securely fasten the lock to mounting plate with four attaching
screws and tighten.
i) While aligning with hole in the door, lightly fasten dial ring
to door using screws, and tighten tube nut (if present on lock).  Dial ring
opening index should be at 12 o'clock center position.  Before installation of
the dial ring, press the plastic bearing insert (Figure 12) into the opening
in the back of the dial ring.  The insert must fit flush with the dial ring.
j) To install dial, hold the drive cam in place with one hand and
thread the dial into the cam until the dial comes to a stop against the
surface of the dial ring.
When threading dial into cam, do not allow cam
to slide outward against the accelerator spring.
Accelerator spring can be easily damaged in this
marine r.
k) The alignment of the dial and dial ring is critical to the
operation of the lock.  Perfect alignment is necessary.  The dial should be
flush and centered with the surface of the dial ring, for true center.
1) Measure the excess spindle that projects beyond the drive cam.
Remove the dial, cut off excess spindle and remove burrs.
n) Tighten the dial ring screws.
Place a washer, compression spring, and washer on hub of dial
(Figure 12).
p) Insert dial into the lock (observe step j) (CAUTION).  Hold the
drive cam in place to receive nose of the drop lever and thread dial into cam
until the dial stops.
q) Rotate the dial counterclockwise a MINIMUM of one full turn
until the spline in the spindle is aligned with the proper spline in the cam,
the cam is positioned to receive the nose of the drop lever, a d the dial is
on O.


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