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simplifies installation by accurately aligning the dial ring index with the
lock.  It also protects the spindle from door insulation.  A R6700 Series lock
is illustrated in Figures 14 and 15.
Figure 14
Front View, Sargent & Greenleaf R6700 Series Mounted
Combination Lock
Opening Procedure.  To open a Sargent & Greenleaf R6700 Series
Combination Lock, proceed as follows:
a)  Turn the dial LEFT, stopping when the first number of the
combination is aligned with the OPENING index the fourth time.
b) Turn the dial RIGHT, stopping when the second number is aligned
the third time.
c)  Turn the dial LEFT, stopping when the third number is aligned
the second time.
d) Turn the dial RIGHT pausing momentarily at O, and continue
turning until it stops.  This retracts the locking bolt.
Securing Procedure.  To secure the 6700 Series lock, turn the dial
to the LEFT at least four complete revolutions.


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