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The new
1) Turn the change key RIGHT and remove it from the lock.
combination is now set.
m)  Work the new combination at least three times with the door or
container open.  If the lock cannot be opened using the new combination, it
can be assumed that the new numbers were not set correctly.  If this is the
case, call for a qualified locksmith.
Installation Procedure.  To install a Sargent & Greenleaf R6700
Series Combination Lock, proceed as follows:
a)  Using the template (provided with lock), position lock in
desired location.
b) Using the template, drill and tap four holes in mounting plate
for the lock-attaching screws (1/4-20).  Drill hole in mounting plate for the
spindle shaft (0.813-inch (21-mm) diameter if lock has a tube, 0.625-inch
(16-mm) diameter if it does not).
c)  Make sure the bolt is in the locked or engaged position.
Depending on the model of your lock, this can be done by pulling the bolt out
with your fingers or by rotating the dial to the left four complete
revolutions, and stopping at random.
d) Remove the back cover of the lock.
If not, proceed
If your lock is equipped with a tube, proceed with step e).
to step i).
Place dial
e)  Insert tube and hold lock against mounting plate.
ring on tube and lightly tighten tube nut.
f) Measure tube excess, leaving 7/64 inch (3 mm) above tube nut.
g) Remove lock and cut off excess tube.
h) File end of tube smooth.
i)  Securely fasten lock to mounting plate by installing the four
lock-attaching screws and tightening.
j) While aligning hole through door, fasten dial ring to door using
screws and tighten tube nut (if present on lock).
k) Insert dial into dial ring and hold snug.


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