Quantcast 8470MP Deadbolt with Combination Lock

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Figure 16
Sargent & Greenleaf R6700 Series With Back Cover Removed
For Sargent & Greenleaf Combination Locks,
the manufacturer recommends using GE-322L
lubricant manufactured by General Electric.
Each time the back cover is removed, the combination should be
reset.  Remember to check the combination at least three times before locking
the container.
Any maintenance other than changing the combination and inspecting
the lock should be referred to a qualified locksmith.
8470MP Deadbolt with Combination Lock.  The 8470 is a reversible,
surface-mounted lock recommended for use on doors in high-security areas. It
is really two locks in one:  a deadbolt and a combination lock.  The deadbolt
section of the 8470 includes hardened steel pins and an interlocking strike
and frame to prevent jamming or spreading of the door frame.  The lock has an
automatic deadbolt trigger and an inside release knob that allows opening the
door from the inside.  A l/8-inch (3.2-mm) drill-resistant hard plate is
available for installation between the Sargent & Greenleaf 8470 and the door.
The 8470 is designed for use with the Sargent & Greenleaf 8400 and 8500 Series
Combination Locks.  The 8470 is equipped with a lock-open latch.  This latch
allows the dial to be "locked"


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