Quantcast Opening Procedure (8400 and 8500 Series)

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in the unlocked position.  This is a standard feature on the newer 8470s.
Existing locks can be retrofitted for this latch.  The 8470 is illustrated in
Figures 17 and 18.  Strikes authorized for use with the Sargent & Greenleaf
8470 are illustrated in Figures 19 through 22.
To open a Sargent &
Opening Procedure (8400 and 8500 Series).
Greenleaf 8470MP Lock, proceed as follows:
a)  Turn the dial LEFT, stopping when the first number of the
combination is aligned with the OPENING index the fourth time.
b) Turn the dial RIGHT, stopping when the second number is aligned
the third time.
c)  Turn the dial LEFT, stopping when the third number is aligned
the second time.
d) Turn the dial RIGHT to O. Hold the dial in this position.
If the 8470MP has an 8400 Series Combination Lock:
e)  Turn the arrow knob (butterfly) in the center of the dial RIGHT
as far as it will go.
Ensure the dial is held at zero when turning the
arrow knob during opening and closing.  Internal
spring damage can occur, requiring lock to be
The bolt is now
f) Turn the dial to the RIGHT until it stops.
fully retracted.
If the 8470MP has an 8500 Series Combination Lock, do the following:
e) With zero aligned with the OPENING index, push the dial in to
activate the lever assembly, release dial.
f) Turn the dial RIGHT until the bolt is fully retracted.
Securing Procedure.  To secure the 8470MP lock, turn the dial to the
LEFT at least four complete revolutions.


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