Quantcast Lock Installation Procedure (8500 Series)

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g) Measure tube excess, leaving 1/16 inch (2 mm) above tube nut.
h) Remove lock and cut off excess tube.
File end of tube smooth.
j) Securely fasten lock to the 8470 deadbolt base by installing the
four lock-attaching screws and tightening.
k) Fasten dial ring to door using screws and tighten tube nut (if
present on lock) and align with hole through door.
Insert dial into dial ring and hold snug.
m)  Measure and cut off excess spindle from the wheel post, leaving
1/16 inch (2 mm) above the wheel post.  Remove burrs.
n)  Screw the drive cam on spindle until snug, then back off until
the keyway lines up.  Insert the spline key with the key handle pointing away
from the center of the cam.  Drive the spline key in carefully. If the spline
key becomes loose, the lock will not function properly.  Make certain that the
spline key is tight.
Before screwing dial/spindle into the drive cam
for the final time, lubricate the dial, dial
ring, and drive cam bearing surfaces.  Sargent
& Greenleaf recommends G-322L lubricant
manufactured by General Electric.  NEVER use
oil- or petroleum-based lubricants.
o)  Cut off amount from inner spindle equal to the amount removed
from the spindle.  Spindle excess can be inserted over inner spindle for ease
of measurement.
p) Rotate dial to O and the arrow knob to 0.
q) Insert the inner spindle. Make sure the tip of the inner spindle
seats properly into the hole in the cam slide (see Figures 7 and 8).
r) Attach the back cover using the cover mounting screws.
Lock Installation Procedure (8500 Series).  The following procedure
is for an 8470MP lock equipped with an 8500 Series combination lock.
a) Use the center of the strike as a reference to position the lock
template on the door.


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