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x)  Dial the set combination (50-25-50) on the lock and observe the
drop lever falling into the drive cam.  Repeat this step at least three times.
y) When the accelerator spring is operating properly, the cover may
be attached to the lock and the new combination set.  Torque Adjustment.  To adjust torque on locks equipped with an
adjusting screw, remove the back cover and insert a 3/32-inch allen wrench
into the adjusting screw (see Figure 11).  Turn clockwise to tighten or
counterclockwise to loosen.
Adjustment should not be less than 18 inch-ounces
(0.13 NGm) nor more than 24 inch-ounces (0.17 NGm)
of dialing torque (a slight drag on The dial).
Whenever lock torque is changed, the combination
must be reset.  Maintenance  Recommendations.  Periodic servicing will extend the
life of the lock and is essential for maintaining proper security.  Each time
the combination is changed, inspect the lock for wear, metal filings, drilled
holes, cracks, or any other visual signs of attempts to defeat the lock by
forced entry techniques.  The inspection process should include removal of the
back cover of the lock, and visual examination of each wheel part as well as
the cam and lever assembly to make sure nothing is worn or damaged. If
lubrication is required, use molybdenum-disulfide (powder).  NEVER use oil- or
petroleum-based lubricants on combination locks.
For Sargent & Greenleaf Combination Locks, the
manufacturer recommends using GE-322L lubricant
manufactured by General Electric.
Each time the back cover is removed, the combination should be
reset.  Remember to check the combination at least three times before locking
the container.
Any maintenance other than changing the combination and inspecting
the lock should be referred to a qualified locksmith.
Sargent & Greenleaf Combination Padlocks.
8077AB.  The 8077AB is a front-reading, dial-type, three-number,
open-shackle padlock with a capacity of 125,000 combination variations.  Its
design will resist most modern methods of surreptitious entry.  The 8077AB is
for indoor applications only and offers protection against manipulation.


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