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3.3. 1.1
Opening Procedure.
To unlock the Sargent & Greenleaf 8077AB,
proceed as follows:
a) Turn the dial LEFT, stopping when the first number of the
combination is aligned with the OPENING index the fourth time.
b) Turn the dial RIGHT, stopping when the second number is aligned
the third time.
c) Turn the dial LEFT, stopping when the third number is aligned
the second time.
d) Turn the dial RIGHT, and stop at O.
Pull the shackle out.
Securing Procedure.  To secure the lock, push in the shackle and
turn the dial at least five complete revolutions in one direction.
Combination Changing Procedure.  To change the combination on the
Model 8077AB refer to Figure 23 and proceed as follows:
a)  Select a new three-number sequence based on the rules presented
in paragraph 2.1.3e.  Due to the mechanics of this combination padlock, the
restrictions placed on the selection of the third number do not apply.
b) Do not use straight ascending or descending numbers for the
It is better to use a sequence that is HIGH-LOW-HIGH or
c) Open the lock as described in paragraph
d) Pull the shackle out.  Use the screwdriver end of the change key
and turn cover locking screw to the RIGHT until it comes to a stop.  If the
change key does not have a screwdriver, use a small common screwdriver.
Remove the lock cover plate by sliding it upward.
f) Retract the cover locking screw by turning it LEFT, and then
relock the shackle.
g) You may cover the opening index mark with a small piece of
masking tape to prevent misdialing on the opening index.
h) Dial the present (old) combination on the CHANGING index.  All
numbers of the combination, including the last number (0), are used in the
combination changing procedure.  Do not pull the shackle out.


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