Quantcast Combination Changing Procedure - 1013_80049

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i) Using the elbow of the changing key (Figure 23), turn the
keyhole button on the back of the lock to the RIGHT to the open position. If
the button will not turn, repeat the procedure in step i).
j) Insert the change key tip first.  The change key is properly
seated when the tab on the key is fully inside the lock back.  Turn the key to
the right one-quarter turn.
k) Turn the dial to the LEFT five revolutions to erase the old
1) Dial the new combination, including the O, on the CHANGING
Use the procedure presented in paragraph, steps a) through d).
m) Once the new combination is set, and O is aligned with the
CHANGING index, turn the change key to the LEFT one-quarter turn and remove
it.  DO NOT reset keyhole button.
To ensure that the combination is correctly set,
completely redial the new combination as directed
in step m).  Reinsert the change key fully into
the lock, but do not turn.  If the key will fully
insert, the combination is set correctly.  Remove
the change key.  Failure to relock the combination
by this procedure may result in an unusable lock.
n)  Dial the new combination, including the O on the changing index.
Using the change key elbow, turn the keyhole button to the closed position.
o)  If the keyhole button will not return to the closed position,
the combination is incorrectly dialed.  Redial.
p)  Remove the masking tape from the opening index (if tape was
used). Dial the new combination, using the OPENING index, and follow the
procedure presented in paragraph  Pull out the shackle.
q) Turn cover locking screw to the RIGHT until it comes to a
complete stop.
Slide the rear cover into place.
s)  Turn cover locking screw out to the LEFT until it comes to a
complete stop.  Relock the lock.


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