Quantcast Opening Procedure - Factory-Set Combination

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Work the new combination at least three times before placing the
padlock in service.  In accordance with security directives, record the new
combination to ensure that it will not be forgotten or lost.
Maintenance  Recommendations.  There are no routine maintenance
requirements for the Sargeant & Greenleaf 8077AB combination padlock.
La Gard Mounted Combination Locks
1980-A RL.  The 1980-A RL is a Group 1R mounted combination lock
intended for use on safes and vaults.  It has an antimanipulation device in-
side the lock.  This device is operated with each revolution of the dial and
does not affect operating conditions.  This lock is illustrated in Figures 24
and 25.
Opening Procedure - Factory-Set Combination.  To open a La Gard
Model 1980-A RL Combination Lock with a factory-set combination at 50, proceed
as follows:
a)  Turn the dial LEFT and pass the number 50 four times, stopping
with 50 lined up on the OPENING index the fifth time.
The combination lock
b) Turn the dial RIGHT until the dial stops.
bolt will retract and the safe or vault may be opened.
Figure 24
Front View, La Gard Model 1980-A RL Mounted
Combination Lock


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