Quantcast Figure 27. La Gard 1980-A RL with Change Key Inserted

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Figure 26
Figure 27
Change Key for the La Gard
La Gard 1980-A RL with Change
Model 1980-A RL Position
Key Inserted
f)  Insert the change key and turn it to the LEFT until it stops
(approximately one-quarter turn).  Leave the key in the lock and select a new
On some units, it may be necessary to remove
a cover or door panel to expose the back of
the lock.
Never select a number between O and 20 as
the last number of the combination.
g) Using the CHANGING index, turn the dial LEFT, stopping when the
first number of the new combination is aligned the fourth time.
h) Turn the dial RIGHT, stopping when the second number of the new
combination is aligned with the CHANGING index the third time.


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