Quantcast Installation Procedure - 1013_80054

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i)  Turn the dial LEFT, stopping when the third number of the new
is  aligned  with  the  CHANGING  index  the  second  time.  Hold the dial
fixed at this position.
j) Turn the change key to the RIGHT until it stops and remove the
k) Work the new combination on the OPENING index at least three
times with the door or container open.  Record the new combination in
accordance with security directives.  If the new combination fails to operate,
call a qualified locksmith.
Installation Procedure.  To install the La Gard 1980-A RL
combination lock, proceed as follows (reference Figure 25):
a) Using template (provided with lock), position lock in desired
b) Using template, drill and tap four holes in the mounting plate
for the lock-mounting screws (1/4-20, item 4).  Drill hole in mounting plate
for the spindle shaft (0.625-inch (16-mm) diameter).
Install a dial ring assembly with the mounting screws provided.
d) Remove the combination lock Cover Screws (16) and Back Cover
e)  Lift off, BUT DO NOT DISCONNECT, the Lever Trigger (23) and
Trigger Spring (24).
f) Remove the Drive Cam (11).
g) Carefully thread the dial spindle onto the drive cam until snug.
DO NOT FORCE DIAL.  Measure the excess spindle length, unscrew, remove, and
carefully cut off the excess.  Remove burrs.
h) Rethread the dial spindle onto the drive cam until snug and back
off to the appropriate slot in the drive cam, either RH (right-hand), LH
(left-hand), W (vertical-up), or VD (vertical-down).
"hand" of the lock:  observe the back of the lock.  If the
To determine the
bolt is pointing to the right, the correct spline position of
combination lock
right-hand or "RH."  If the bolt points vertical-up, the
the drive cam is
drive cam should
be splined "VU," etc.
Insert the Spline Key (12) into the correct slot.


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