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j) With h Back Cover (14) removed, dial the combination on the
Changing Index, and observe that the change key holes in the wheels are
aligned properly to accept the Change Key (15).
k) Reinstall the Lever Trigger (23) and Trigger Spring (24).
1) Install the Back Cover (14) and Cover Mounting Screws.
Reinstall the back cover before inserting the
change key, then follow the combination changing
procedure.  Maintenance  Recommendations.  Periodic servicing will extend the
life of the lock and is essential for maintaining proper security.  Each time
the combination is changed, inspect the lock for wear, metal filings, drilled
holes, cracks, or any other visual signs of attempts to defeat the lock by
forced entry techniques.  The inspection process should include removal of the
back cover of the lock, and visual examination of each wheel part as well as
the cam and lever assembly to make sure nothing is worn or damaged. If
lubrication is required, use molybdenum-disulfide (powder).  NEVER use oil- or
petroleum-based lubricants on combination locks.
Each time the back cover is removed, the combination should be
reset.  Remember to check the combination at least three times before locking
the container.
Any maintenance other than changing the combination and inspecting
the lock should be referred to a qualified locksmith.
Mosler Mounted Combination Locks
MRK 120.  The Mosler MRK 120 is a Group 1 combination lock.  It has
an index on the face of the lock which is used for both dialing and changing
the combination.  There is no dial torque adjustment on this lock.  Dial
resistance is held within the allowable range (MIL-L-15596 Series) by the
friction plug and spring.  This lock is illustrated in Figures 28 and 29.
To open the Mosler MRK 120 Combination Lock,
Opening Procedure.
proceed as follows:
a)  Turn the dial to the LEFT, stopping when the first number of the
combination is aligned with the index the fourth time.
b) Turn the dial to the RIGHT, stopping when the second number of
the combination is aligned the third time.


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