Quantcast Installation Procedure - 1013_80059

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Figure 31
Figure 30
Mosler Model MRK 120 Backplate
Change Key for the Mosler
with Change Key in Inserted
Model MRK 120
To install a Mosler MRK 120 Combination
Installation Procedure.
Lock, proceed as follows:
a) Using template (provided with lock), position lock in desired
b) Using template, drill and tap four holes in the mounting plate
for the lock-attaching screws (1/4-20).  Drill hole in mounting plate for the
spindle shaft (0.625-inch (16-MM) diameter).
c)  Make sure bolt is in the locked or engaged position by pulling
the bolt out with fingers.
d) Remove back cover of the lock.
e)  Securely fasten lock to mounting plate by installing the four
lock-attaching screws and tightening.
f) Fasten dial ring to door using screws and tighten tube nut (if
present on lock) and align with hole through door.


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