Quantcast Section 4: Hand Change Locks

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Section 4:
General.  Hand-change locks require disassembly before new
combinations can be set.  The wheels inside the lock have graduations from O
to 100 on their outer ring and a removable serrated-edge disk in the center.
The position of the center disk determines the combination setting.  Before
changing the combination of any lock, read the entire change procedure
carefully.  Read installation instructions thoroughly before beginning an
installation procedure.
Mosler Mounted Combination Locks
MR 302-402.  The Mosler MR 302-402 Groups 1 and 1R combination locks
have a unique  manipulation-resistant cam mechanism.  Two audible impulses can
be heard when the dial is turned past the O area.  The purpose of this design
feature is to defeat manipulation by the use of audio instruments.  The
difference between the MR 302 and the MR 402 is that the 302 has three wheels
and a three-number combination, whereas the 402 has four wheels and a four-
-number combination.  There is no dial torque adjustment on these locks.  Dial
resistance is held within the allowable range (MIL-L-15596 Series) by the
friction plug and spring.  The MR 302 is illustrated in Figures 36 and 37.
Figure 36
Front View, Mosler Model MR 302-402 Mounted
Combination Lock


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