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To open the Mosler MR 302-402 Combination Lock,
Opening Procedure.
proceed as follows:
a)  Turn the dial LEFT, stopping when the first number of the
combination is aligned with the OPENING index the fourth time.
b) Turn the dial RIGHT, stopping when the second number is aligned
with the OPENING index the third time.
c)  Turn the dial LEFT, stopping when the third number is aligned
with the OPENING index the second time.
d) Turn the dial RIGHT, pausing momentarily at O, and then continue
turning until the locking bolt is retracted.
To lock the MR 302-402, turn the dial LEFT at
Securing Procedure.
least four full revolutions.
To change the combination on the MR
Combination Changing Procedure.
302-402, proceed as follows:
a)  Select a new three-number sequence based on the rules in
paragraph 2.1.3e.  Record the new combination in accordance with security
b) With the old combination, open the lock as described above.
c) With the door or drawer open, throw the bolt(s) to the closed
position.  If the unit has a bolt interlock, it will be necessary to depress
this interlock plunger before the bolt(s) can be thrown while the unit is
open.  Use the procedure recommended by the unit's manufacturer.
d) Throw the locking bolt by turning the dial LEFT.
e)  Remove the two back cover screws in the back of the lock.
Remove the cover.  This will expose the wheel pack.
On some units, it may be necessary to remove a
panel or small circular cover to expose the back
of the lock.
Whenever disassembling the wheel pack in order
to change the combination, the components MUST
be reassembled in the same sequence as they were
removed from the wheel post.


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