Quantcast Installation Procedure - 1013_80069

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f) Remove the retaining ring from the wheel post.
g) Remove the wheels and spacers.  The wheels are numbered
sequentially on the outer plastic ring (reference Figure 38).  Wheel number 1
is set at the first number of the combination and is the wheel adjacent to the
back cover plate.
h) Hold the number 1 wheel assembly with the numbers facing upward
and push the center disk up until it is removed from the outer ring. Rotate
center disk until the setting index is aligned with the desired number on the
ring (Figure 38).  Press the center disk back into position until it is flush
with the outer plastic ring.  Observe that numbers increase counterclockwise
on the wheels.  Change the combination settings on the remaining wheels in the
same manner.
i)  Replace the parts on the post in the proper sequence.  To help
identify wheels for proper reassembly, each Mosler wheel has a number 1, 2, or
3 molded next to one side of the gate (reference Figure 38).  Further con-
firmation is gained by observing that the gate (cutout) of the middle wheel
(wheel No. 2) is 180 degrees opposite O.  There may be more than one tension
washer at the base of the wheel post.  The numbered sides of the wheels face
upward.  When the retaining ring is replaced, check to ensure that it is
properly seated in the groove on the post and that all wheels and spacers are
properly mounted on the wheel post.
j) After making sure that the dial is not set at zero, replace the
cover and screws.  Tighten screws firmly.
k) Try the new combination at least three times with the door or
container open.  If the new combination does not work properly, remove the
wheel assembly and check the combination setting.
Installation Procedure.
To install a Mosler MR 302-402 Combination
Lock, proceed as follows:
Using template (provided with lock), position lock in desired
b) Using template, drill and tap four holes in the mounting plate
for the lock-attaching screws (1/4-20).  Drill hole in mounting plate for the
spindle shaft (0.625-inch (16-mm) diameter).
c)  Make sure bolt is in the locked or engaged position by pulling
the bolt out with fingers.
d) Remove back cover of the lock.
e)  Securely fasten lock to mounting plate by installing the four
lock-attaching screws and tightening.


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