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Section 1:
Scope.  This section includes general information and factors to be
considered in the orientation of runways.  Aircraft pavement criteria, including
aircraft facilities, structural design of rigid and flexible pavements,
drainage, design for frost action, evaluation of existing pavements, marking of
airfield pavements, and hazards to air navigation are covered in succeeding
design manuals in the DM-21 Series, Airfield Pavement Design.  For definitions
and specialized terminology used in this manual, see Glossary.
Cancellation.  This publication, MIL-HDBK-1021/1, Airfield Geometric
Design, cancels and supersedes NAVFAC DM-21.1, November 1984, Definitive
Drawings DD-1291774/1776, and incorporates criteria published in the Joint
Service Manual NAVFAC P-971, Airfield and Heliport Planning Criteria.
Related Criteria.  Additional criteria related to Navy airfield types
and missions, airfield locations, air and space requirements, and runway and
taxiway system configurations may be found in NAVFAC P-80, Facility Planning
Factor Criteria for Navy and Marine Corps Shore Installations; NAVFAC P-80.3,
Airfield Safety Clearances, and NAVFAC P-970, Planning in the Noise Environment.


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