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TABLE 2 (Continued)
Runway Pavement Criteria
Longitudinal grades within
primary surface:
Class A and B Runways
10.0% maximum.
Exclusive of pavement, shoulders, and cover
over drainage structures.
Slopes are to be gradual as practicable.
Avoid abrupt changes or sudden reversals.
Rough grade to the extent necessary to
prevent damage to aircraft in the event
of erratic performances.
Transverse grades within
primary surface:
Class A and B Runways
2.0% minimum prior to channelization.
10.0% maximum.
Additional requirements same as given for
the longitudinal grades within primary
Distance between centerlines
of parallel runways:
Class A Runway
Not applicable.
Class B Runway
1000 feet
4300 feet
IFR using simultaneous


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