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Helipads.  Helipads are special pads for landing and takeoff of single
rotary-wing aircraft.  They are placed near hospital, administrative, or other
facilities, or at suitable locations on airfields with high air traffic density
condition.  For criteria, see Table 8. For VFR and IFR helipad details, see
Figures 19 and 20.  If more than one helicopter must use the pad, a connecting
taxiway (Table 10) and parking apron (Table 12) shall be provided. If night
operations are required, helipad lighting shall be provided (see
NAVAIR 51-50AAA-2).
Helicopter Landing Lanes.  A helicopter landing lane is a landing and
takeoff facility that permits more rapid launch and recovery operations than
otherwise can be provided by a single runway or helipad.  These lanes provide
for simultaneous use by a number of helicopters, up to four at one time, while
additional helicopters are in a designated traffic pattern.  See Table 9 and
Figure 21 for the principal dimensional criteria and clearances for a landing
lane and for a typical landing lane layout.  Landing lanes shall not be designed
for Navy and Marine Corps activities without prior approval from the Naval Air
Systems Command (AIR-4223).


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