Quantcast Table 8. Helipads -Cont.

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TABLE 8 (Continued)
Length of takeoff
400 feet.
The takeoff safety zone area
safety zone
for helipads corresponds to
(VFR Helipad only)
the clear zone land use criteria
for fixed-wing airfields as
defined by OPNAVINST 11010.36A
standards.  The remainder of the
approach-departure zone
corresponds to APZ I land use
criteria similarly defined. It
does not apply to IFR helicopter
facilities due to the extensive
primary surface area.
Width of takeoff
Corresponds to the width of the primary
safety zone
surface.  150 feet.
(inner edge)
Width of takeoff
267 feet.
safety zone
(outer edge)
Grades of takeoff
5.0% maximum.
Area to be free of
safety zone
obstructions.  Rough grade and
any direction
turf when required.
Access Road
Provide all-weather with minimum width of 12
Provide mooring eyes for one aircraft.
Table 13)
Wind Indicator
Install day and night wind indicator so as
to be seen from normal angle of approach and
yet not be a hazard to flight operations.
See NAVAIR 51-50AAA-2.


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