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Section 6:
Criteria.  Criteria in this section include data for design of
taxiways, taxiway shoulders, and runway exits to include end, normal, and
high-speed turnoffs.  See Table 2 for lateral clearance criteria.  For criteria
related to taxi lanes in parking aprons, see Table 12.
Function.  Taxiways are paved surfaces which link runways with service
and parking areas.  They are designed to achieve a smooth flow of aircraft
traffic taxiing at maximum practical speed.
Design Requirements.  Taxiway pavements may be either flexible or
rigid, select as described in MIL-HDBK-1021/2.
Taxiway Layout. The following are considerations for use in layout of
a)  Route of the taxiways should be as direct as possible from the
runway to the apron.
b)  Sufficient number of taxiways should be provided to prevent
complicated routes which may result when one taxiway must service more than one
c)  Connecting taxiways must be provided to join the runway exit points
to the apron.
d)  Taxiways from runway to apron should not cross either taxiways or
runways unless absolutely necessary.
Taxiway Criteria.  For criteria governing taxiway geometry and design
for both fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, see Table 10 and Figures 22, 23,
24, and 25.
Runway Exit Criteria.  The number, type, and location of exits is a
function of required runway traffic capacity.
a)  End Turnoffs.  Provide end turnoffs at each end of the runway.
They shall be designed to serve as warmup areas for aircraft preparing to take
off as well as for runway exits.  See Table 10 for dimensions and grades.
b)  Normal Taxiway Turnoffs.  Provide intermediate turnoffs from
runways to allow landing aircraft to exit and clear runways as soon as possible
after completing initial landing rolls.  For spacing requirements, see Figure
23.  For runways longer than 10,000 feet, space additional turnoffs 2000 to 3000
feet apart.  See Table 10 for dimensions and grades.


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