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Receptacles for ground support equipment shall conform to
Military Specification MIL-C-22992, Connector, Plugs and Receptacles,
Electrical, Waterproof, Quick Disconnect, Heavy Duty Type, (Class L) and
Military Standard MIL-STD-90555, Connector, Receptacle, Electrical, Wall
Mounting Class L (Power Source Receptacle), Part No. MS90555C44150S.
b) Cables for 400 hertz service to the aircraft shall be connected
directly to the circuit breakers at the service points.  The length of the
cables will be determined by the type of aircraft to be served.  The power
supplied to the aircraft shall be in accordance with MIL-STD-704, Aircraft
Electric Power Characteristics.
Tiedown Mooring Eyes.
For location, see Table 13.
For details see
Aircraft Access Apron.  Access aprons provide access to the hangars
from the parking apron, and allow free movement of aircraft to the various
hangar maintenance facilities.  The paved area between hangars that is not a
taxiway or parking area is included in the access apron.  See Figure 26 for
typical access apron plans.
Pavement.  See Table 14 for design details.  The requirements and
criteria for access aprons are applicable equally to fixed- and rotary-wing


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