Quantcast Section 8: Other Airfield Pavements

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Section 8:
Configuration and Grading Criteria.  Configuration and grading criteria
for other airfield pavements are generally the same as for aprons.  See Table
Aircraft Washrack.  Aircraft washracks are provided at all air stations
for cleaning of aircraft in conjunction with periodic maintenance.  Maximum use
should be made of existing pavements where curbing can be provided, drainage
adjusted as necessary, and other required facilities provided to make a usable
washrack.  The size of the washrack is determined by the type of aircraft at the
Location.  Locate washrack in the hangar area and contiguous to
aircraft parking or access apron.  The utility control building shall be located
a sufficient distance from the washrack to preclude fire hazards to aircraft on
the washrack.
Design Requirements.
See NAVFAC P-272, DD-1291729, Aircraft Washracks.
a)  Pavement.  The pavement shall be portland cement concrete designed
to the same strength and quality as adjacent apron or taxiway. Provide a high
friction finish and slope at 1.5 percent to drains.
b)  Wash Water.  Wash water shall be provided at each utilities service
outlet.  Since detergent used for aircraft cleaning is formulated to be used
with cold water, hot water supply is an option dependent on geographic location.
c)  Wastewater Collection.  See MIL-HDBK-1005/9, Industrial and Oily
Wastewater Control, Section 2, paragraph 2.5.6.
d) Wastewater Treatment.
For treatment requirements, see
e)  All utilities emanate from the utilities control building.  It
houses utility controls for the washrack, storage space for equipment, and
materials used at the washrack, sanitary facilities, and office space for
personnel assigned.  Sanitary facilities shall be provided only if not already
available within 1000 feet.
f)  A detergent storage tank may be located at ground level or below
ground, dependent on climatic conditions.  The detergent mixing tank, if used,
shall be provided with mechanical or air mixing facilities.  Metered water and
detergent connections shall be made to the mixing tank inside the utilities
control building.  Detergent piping shall provide for delivery of 2 gallons per
minute of detergent at 15 pounds per square inch.
Aircraft Rinse Facility.  An aircraft fresh water rinse facility is a
taxi-through, treadle-operated, high-pressure deluge system.
Location.  Rinse facilities shall be located for ease of use by
aircraft returning from flight and en route to the parking area.  Location shall
be as close to the hangar area as is practical.


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