Quantcast Table 15. Aircraft Compass Calibration Pad Design Criteria -Cont.

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TABLE 15 (Continued)
Aircraft Compass Calibration Pad Design Criteria
Control points
For Type I pad:  Set control points to establish
magnetic north-south line.  Control points shall
consist of brass inserts into which bronze
markers are grouted in accurate alignment.
For Type II pad:  In addition to the control
points for the Type I pad, provide 24 control
points on a 60-foot diameter circle, spaces every
15 degrees, beginning with magnetic north.  These
markers locate the centerlines for painting radial
stripes to the perimeter of the circle.  Each
radial line shall be two colors and be a minimum
of 4 inches and a maximum of 6 inches wide. Colors shall be yellow and green.
The centerline of the two colors shall be on the line scribed during the
magnetic survey.
The Type II pad shall have installed a 150,000
pound capacity turntable, for single or dual


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