Quantcast Pavement - 1021_10104

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Location.  Pad shall be located at an isolated site near the landing
end of the main runway.  Airfield standard safety clearances must be complied
with.  Both road and taxiway access must be provided.  For quantity and
distance requirements for the type ordnance (explosive class) to be handled,
see NAVFAC P-80.  In some instances, barricades or natural barriers may be used
to reduce the quantity-distance factor, according to the NAVSEA OP-5,
Ammunition and Explosives Ashore, Volume 1, Safety Regulations for Handling,
Storing, Production, Renovation and Shipping of Ammunition and Explosives
Ashore and Volume 2, Storage Data.
Pavement.  Provide same load-bearing capacity, surfacing, tiedowns,
grades, and dimensions as for parking aprons for cargo aircraft. Overall size
is determined by number of aircraft to be handled simultaneously.  Grounding
receptacles are not required, tiedowns are adequate for grounding.
Provide telephone service, fire hydrant, and
lighting if required.


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