Quantcast Glossary - 1021_10110

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Aborted Takeoff.  An unsuccessful takeoff operation due to power or other
mechanical failures.
An area on land used for the landing, servicing, and takeoff of
Airfield Elevation.  The official elevation of the airfield.
The highest point
of the usable landing area.
Airfield Pavement.  Prepared surfaces of processed materials, laid on natural
ground or on compacted earth fills, designed to carry aircraft wheel loads
without exceeding the bearing capacity of the ground beneath the pavement.
Airfield Reference Point.  A point located at the approximate
centroid of the
figure formed by joining the ends of runways as planned.  The
reference point shall be established and shows on the station
drawings.  For
helicopter landing areas, it is the approximate center of the
operational area.
Refers to a civilian or municipal landing field in naval usage.
Airspace.  The space aboveground or water areas, which are or are not
controlled, assigned, and/or designated.
Air Traffic.  Aircraft in operation anywhere in the airspace and within that
area of an airfield or airport normally used for the movement of aircraft.
Approach Control. A service established to control flights, operating under
instrument flight rules (IFR), arriving at, departing from, and operating in the
vicinity of airports by direct communication between approach control personnel
and all aircraft operating under their control.
Approach Zone.  That airspace beyond the runway end zone which is free from
obstructions above a specified glide angle, and in which initial climbing
subsequent to takeoff and final descent prior to landing take place.
Apron.  A paved area to accommodate parked aircraft or provide access to
Arming and De-arming.  The loading and unloading of missiles, rockets, and
ammunition in aircraft.
Arresting Gear.  The equipment incorporated in aircraft and in the landing area
to limit the aircraft rollout distance.
Aviation Easement.  A legal right obtained from a property owner to operate
aircraft over that property and to restrict the height of any construction or
growth on that property.
Beam Wind Component.  The wind velocities perpendicular to the axis of the
runway centerline used to measure the degree by which a runway pattern covers
incident wind from the several directions.


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