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General. This handbook provides the recommended minimum guidance, to be used in
conjunction with information available in instruction books, advisory circulars, and other
handbooks, for the maintenance of lighted navigational aids. Additional information is available
in FAA Advisory Circular AC 150/5340-26, Maintenance of Airport Visual Aid Facilities, and
FAA Order 6850.5, Maintenance of Lighted Navigational Aids.
Scope. This handbook provides system maintenance information and establishes a
maintenance program for lighted navigational aids. The information provided covers the
following systems, subsystems, or components:
a) Airport and heliport beacons
b) Wind cone assemblies
c) Airfield lighting vaults
d) Constant current regulators
e) Isolation transformers
f) Runway and taxiway light systems
(1) Elevated fixtures
(2) In pavement fixtures
g) Runway centerline and touchdown lighting systems
h) Precision approach path indicator (PAPI) and chase helicopter approach path
indicator (CHAPI) systems
i) Obstruction lights
j) Runway end identifier lights (REIL)
k) Medium intensity approach light system with flashers (MALSR)
l) Approach light system with sequence flashers (ALSF-1/ALSF-2)
m) Standby engine generator plants
Other Systems. There are a number of DOD lighted navigational aids that have their
own maintenance and troubleshooting procedure manuals, which are not included in this
handbook, such as: Mirror Optical Visual Landing Aid System (MOVLAS) USN, Fresnel Lens
Optical Landing System (FLOLS) USN, and Emergency Airfield Lighting System (EALS)


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