Quantcast Table 3 List of Department of Defense (DOD) References

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Table 3
List of Department of Defense (DOD) References
Navy Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) Certification
Certification Test Procedure for Visual Approach Slope Indicator
(VASI) System
Airfield Lighting
Definitive Designs for Naval Shore Facilities
Tech Manual, Installation, Service, Operation and Maintenance
Instructions with Illustrated Parts Breakdown PAPI Type L-
880, Style A, Class 2
Tech Manual, General Requirements for Shorebased Airfield
Marking and Lighting
Army Aviation Lighting
ARMY, TM5-811-5
Electrical Engineering, Electrical Facilities Safety (1983)
ARMY, TM5-682
Safety and Health Requirements
USACE, EM 385-1-1
ARMY, STD DET 40-60-05  Army Aviation Lighting Fixtures
AFI 11-218
Aircraft Operations and Movement on the Ground (formerly AFR
AFJMAN 11-225
Flight Inspection (FAAH 8200.1)
AFJMAN 11-226
US Standard for Terminal Instrument Procedures (TERPS) AFM
55-9 (formerly FAAH 8260.3)
AFI 13-213
Airfield Management (formerly AFR 55-48)
AFI 24-301
Vehicle Operations (formerly AFR 77-310)
AFMAN 24-306
Manual for Wheeled Vehicle Driver (formerly AFR 77-2)
AFI 31-204 Motor
Vehicle Traffic Supervision (formerly AFR 125-14)
AFPAM 32-1006
Service Contract Guide for Civil Engineers
AFJMAN 32-1013v1
Airfield and Heliport Planning and Design Criteria
AFMAN 32-1013v2
Planning Criteria and Waivers for Airfield Support Facilities
AFI 32-1021
Planning and Programming of Facility Construction Projects
AFI 32-1023
Design and Construction Standards and Execution of Facility
Construction Projects
AFI 32-1024
Standard Facility Requirements (formerly AFR 86-2)
AFI 32-1026
Planning and Design of Airfield (formerly AFR 86-5/86-14)
AFI 32-1032
Planning and Programming Real Property Maintenance Projects
Using Appropriated Funds (APF)
AFI 32-1041
Airfield Pavement Evaluation Program (formerly AFR 93-13)
AFI 32-1042
Standards for Marking Airfields (formerly AFR 88-16)
AFI 32-1043
Managing Aircraft Arresting Systems (formerly AFR 55-42)
AFI 32-1044
Visual Air Navigation Systems (formerly AFR 88-14)
AFI 32-1045
Snow and Ice Control (formerly AFR 91-15)
AFI 32-1054
Corrosion Control
AFI 32-1062
Electrical Power Plants and Generators


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