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Table 4
Additional Reference Documents
FAA Publications:
FAA-H 7930.2
Notices to Airmen
FAA-H 8200.1
Flight Inspection (AFJMAN 11-225)
FAA-H 8260.3
Terminal Instrument Procedures (TERPS) (AFJMAN 11-226)
FAA-O 6850.5
Maintenance of Lighted Navigational Aids
Federal Air Regulations (FAR):
FAR Part 1
Definitions and Abbreviations
FAR Part 73
Special Use Airspace
FAR Part 139
Certification and Operations: Land Airports Serving Certain Air
Technical Orders:
TO 36-1-3
Painting, Marking, and Lighting Requirements for USAF Vehicles
AF Form 332
Base Civil Engineers Work Request
AF Form 457
USAF Hazard Report
AF Form 483
Certificate of Competency
AF Form 3546
AFFSA IFC Comment Card
AF Form 3616
Daily Record of Facility Operation
FAA Form 5280-7
Airfield Visual Aid Safety Placard (NSN 0052-00-918-1000)


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