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Grounding. Connections to grounding systems should never be removed, nor attempts
made to replace connections, until all power is removed from equipment and all personnel
warned of the ungrounded condition of the equipment. Warning signs should be displayed to
warn personnel of the possible hazards.
First Aid. First aid is essential before professional help arrives. It is never a substitute
for medical help. The electricians should take the lifesaving measures necessary in emergencies,
but avoid doing harm. Many first-aid measures are quite simple and do not require "split-second
speed" in their application. Haste without knowing what one is doing can be worse than doing
nothing at all. At other times, immediate action is essential to save a life or prevent serious
complications; this action can only be taken by someone who is on the scene when minutes are
vital. Learn about first aid before emergencies happen. Be prepared to give help safely and
beneficially when necessary.
Safety Training. A safety training course should be established and presented to all
employees. Follow-up training should be presented on a periodic basis to ensure that employees
are safety motivated. Check with the local safety office or medical facility to arrange for proper


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