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records system should allow for the recording and retrieval of information with a minimum of
effort. The records system should compile data that will document the effectiveness of the
maintenance program. By checking the records, a manager should be able to determine whether
a particular maintenance task is being done too frequently or not often enough. By such a trial-
and-error process, a maintenance program uniquely tailored to the facility can be developed.
Preventive Maintenance Program. Reliable functioning of airport lighted navigational
aids is essential to airport operation. Therefore, it is essential that a preventive maintenance
program be established to ensure reliable service and proper equipment operation. Lighting
systems are designed to be dependable and may continue to operate for long periods of time even
if maintenance is neglected. If failure occurs at a critical time, lives and property may be
jeopardized. Lighted navigational aid maintenance should receive high priority to prevent
equipment failure, false signals, and deterioration of the system.
Installation and Material. The first element in a preventive maintenance program is
high quality, properly installed equipment. Preventive maintenance is difficult on equipment that
has been installed haphazardly without consideration of maintenance requirements. When such
conditions exist, they should be brought to the attention of the proper authority and corrected
rather than trying to establish a preventive maintenance program to compensate for the condition.
Personnel. The second element in a preventive maintenance program is trained
experienced personnel. Maintenance personnel should have a thorough knowledge of the
equipment, should have experience with high-voltage, and should be able to make careful
inspections and necessary repairs. Special training may be desirable, but most well-qualified
electricians can be trained on-the-job if suitable supervision and instructions are provided.
Considerable experience with the equipment and its operation is desirable. These individuals
should be present or on-call during the operating hours of the airport to correct any deficiencies
that may develop. Visual air navigation facilities maintenance personnel should be specialists in
the field.
Tools and Test Equipment. The third element in a preventive maintenance program is
the tools and test equipment required to perform the maintenance. This includes the proper tools,
test equipment as described in Section 4, adequate working space, adequate storage space, spare
parts, and applicable technical manuals.
Inspection Program. The fourth element in a preventive maintenance program is an
effective Preventive Maintenance Inspection (PMI) schedule for each lighted navigational aid.
The PMI schedule is the foundation for the successful maintenance of the equipment. If the PMI
schedule is performed properly, it will ensure top system performance and will minimize
unscheduled interruptions and breakdowns. A review of the inspection records, checks, tests,
and repairs provides a constant awareness of the equipment condition and gives maintenance
personnel advanced warning of impending trouble.
Preventive Maintenance Inspection (PMI) Schedule. Scheduled inspections and tests
are those accomplished on specific types of equipment on a periodic basis. The schedule may be
based either on calendar or on hourly use increments. The PMI schedules are based on
recommendations from the manufacturers and users of the equipment. These PMIs are


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