Quantcast Cable Route Tracer

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Safety. The clamp-on ammeter reduces operator exposure to high voltages. However,
the operator must observe normal safety precautions to prevent coming in contact with exposed
conductors when taking current readings.
Figure 6
Typical Ammeters and Current Clamp Probe
Cable Route Tracer
General. The cable route tracer, Figure 7 is an electronic instrument designed for
locating, tracing, and measuring the depth of an energized underground power cable. The
instrument can also be used to locate underground transformers, T-splices, and ground faults on
unshielded cable.
Safety. Since the cable route tracer is used to trace cables which are energized with
voltages that are hazardous and potentially lethal, persons testing or assisting in tests must use
practical safety precautions to prevent contact with energized conductors, terminals, or other


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