Quantcast Preventive Maintenance Inspection (PMI) Procedures -Cont.

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(6) Watt-Hour Meter. No maintenance of the watt-hour meter is required as it is
generally the property of the power company servicing the site. However, it should be observed
for creeping under "no load" as this indicates a faulty meter busbar, and if no short-to-ground is
noticed, contact the power company to repair or replace the meter. Check the meter lead
connection for tightness and keep the outside of the meter clean.
d. Annual checks
(1) Base Level. Check the level of the beacon by placing a level on the leveling
base. Remove all paint or other material to assure a true level. Loosen holddown bolts and
insert or remove spacers as required for proper level. Check the level of the beacon in four
directions. Be sure to tighten down the base.
(2) Gears. Clean the old grease from the gears. When installing new grease,
observe the caution statement above.
(3) Wiring, electrical connections, conduit, and relays
(a) Wiring. Inspect for abrasions, breaks, and loose connections. Repair or
renew wiring when necessary. All repair patches should be covered with suitable insulating
cement. Check the position of the wiring and, if necessary, reposition to maintain a neat
(b) Terminal Lugs. Check terminal lugs for tight electrical connection. The
flat portion of the lug should be clean and free of corrosion for good electrical contact. Minor
deterioration of electrical wire insulation at the terminal lug may be repaired with tape. Use
Scotch Brand No. 88 or equivalent. Insulating cement may be used to secure the tape.
(c) Conduit. Inspect conduit for loose supports and connections. Replace
broken brackets.
(4) Weatherproofing and Gaskets. Check the condition of the weather-proofing
and gaskets. Gaskets should be replaced when cracked or deteriorated. Before installing new
gaskets, clean the gasket channels and seats thoroughly. When it is necessary to secure the
gasket with rubber cement, both the gasket and seat should be coated with appropriate cement
and permitted to dry until tacky before the gasket is positioned.


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