Quantcast Preventive Maintenance Inspection Procedures - 1023_40049

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b) Monthly checks
(1) Check the cone assembly to see that it swings freely throughout the 360 degree
travel. If the wind is not sufficient, swing the cone down to the servicing position and manually
check the freedom of movement. If the cone assembly does not move freely, the bearings are
probably bad or need lubricating. Use low temperature grease (ESSO #325) on wind cone
(2) Check the condition of the wind cone fabric. The fabric of the cone should be
carefully examined at close range. The fabric should be completely replaced when it is badly
worn, rotted, soiled, or faded in color.
c) Bimonthly checks
(1) All of the lamps should be replaced after 80 percent of the rated life and prior to
90 percent of the rated lamp life.
(2) The globes should be cleaned when replacing the lamps.
(3) Check paint of segmented circle and repaint as necessary.
d) Semiannual checks
(1) Check the bearings to see if they need lubricating. An application of a light
grease should be sufficient. In areas exposed to severe dust, clean the bearings and repack with a
light grease. In freezing weather, the grease becomes very viscous and action of the wind cone
in light winds will often become sluggish. During such weather, it may be necessary to
completely clean the bearings of grease and lubricate them with a light oil.
(2) Take an insulation reading of the underground feeder cable and record the
results. Compare with the previous reading. When the readings fall below 250,000 ohms, the
cables should be repaired or replaced.
e) Annual Checks
(1) Check the assembly base securing bolts for tightness. Tighten, as required.
(2) Check the wiring at the hinged area. If frayed, repair or replace wiring.
(3) Check the ground system for loose connections.
(4) Test the resistance of the grounding system.
(5) Check the condition of the paint on the wind cone structure. Touch up or
repaint as required.
f) Unscheduled Maintenance. Remove growth in the vicinity of the segmented circle
and check condition of the footings and foundations for deterioration, and repair as required.


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