Quantcast Preventive Maintenance Inspection Procedures - 1023_40082

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(h) Clean fuel traps and filters.
(i) Check engine timing.
If necessary to add oil, water or fuel, record amount. Do not operate diesel
engines without load as it results in fouling the cylinders and injectors. After all
generator engine tests, allow approximately 15 minutes of engine cool down time
prior to engine turn off.
(2) Load-test the engine generator for 1 hour. Turn the airport lights and lighted
navigational aids on before beginning the test.
(a) Start the generator by one of the two methods below. The method of
starting the generator should be alternated on successive load tests.
(b) Record the time for engine generator to start and transfer switch to operate.
(c) Check for normal operation of controls.
(d) Take the following readings after the engine generator has operated for 1
minute under load:
Output voltage
1 _____
2 _____
3 _____
Output current
1 _____
2 _____
3 _____
Output frequency
Engine oil pressure
Coolant temperature
(e) Check the room ventilation louvers for freedom of operation and manual
and automatic operation of fan.
(f) For starting method (A), stop the engine/generator. The transfer switch
should operate and transfer the load to commercial power. Check time for load transfer after
pressing the engine/generator stop button.
(g) For starting method (B), turn the commercial power back on and measure
the delay from the resumption of commercial power until transfer of the load to commercial
power. Then measure the delay from load transfer until engine shutoff.
(3) Clean the engine generator set, its accessories, and control compartments, and
do necessary housekeeping of the immediate area.
b) Quarterly Checks. Perform 3-hour load test as follows:
(1) Perform checks and record readings, same as those noted on weekly checks.
(2) In addition to the weekly checks, perform the following before starting the
(a) Check flexible duct from engine generator radiator.


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