Quantcast Preventive Maintenance Inspection Procedures -Cont. - 1023_40083

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(b) Check connecting hoses and fittings.
(c) Lubricate pulleys and pumps.
(d) Check condition of filter elements.
(e) Examine engine oil for contamination.
(f) Check fuel tanks for contamination.
(g) Check all control cable and power cable terminations for tightness.
(h) Check condition of all wiring insulation.
(i) Clean and adjust control panel devices.
(j) Drain and replace oil in governor and morse clutch.
(k) Check fan belt condition.
(l) Record battery voltage.
(m) Check specific gravity of batter electrolyte.
(n) Check complete sequence of operation of control and safety devices.
(o) Record pick-up volts for the line voltage sensing relays by using a Variac
and iron vane voltmeter.
(p) Record dropout volts for the line voltage sensing relays.
(3) Start engine generator under full load same as for the weekly tests. Operate for
3 hours. During the last 30 minutes, perform the following checks:
(a) Check color of engine exhaust for complete combustion.
(b) Check for exhaust, fuel, lubricant, or coolant leaks.
(c) Check generator for abnormal heating.
(d) Pop compressed air safety valves, if any.
(4) Stop engine generator after 3 hours under full load. After all generator engine
tests, disconnect all loads and allow approximately 15 minutes of engine cool down time prior to
engine turn off. Note and record any unusual conditions and describe any repairs needed.
c) Annual checks
(1) Check and record readings, same as those noted in weekly and quarterly
(2) In addition to the quarterly checks, perform the following before starting the


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