Quantcast Preventive Maintenance Inspection Procedures -Cont. - 1023_40084

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(a) Change air filter.
(b) Inspect transfer switch.
1. Switch movement.
2. Condition of contacts.
3. Delays.
(c) Determine revolutions per minute for overspeed lockout.
(d) Check operation of low-oil safety.
(e) Determine time to lockout overcrank safety (for starter).
(f) Check accuracy of high coolant temperature shutdown device.
(g) Inspect, clean, and gap spark plugs (gasoline engine).
(h) Measure manifold vacuum.
(i) Measure fuel pump pressure.
(j) Drain and clean immersion heater housing and check necessary accuracy of
heater operation.
(k) Drain and replace oil in crankcase.
(l) Inspect and clean positive crankcase ventilation filter, valve, and connecting
(m) Inspect condition of generator bearings and bearing lubrication.
(n) Measure frequency-sensing relay pickup and dropout frequency.
(o) Check compressed air tank, if any.
(3) Perform 3-hour load tests and record readings as for weekly and quarterly tests.
Record any unusual conditions, repairs, part numbers, etc.
(4) Perform a compression test.
(5) Change oil in the engine after a maximum of 150 hours of operation, or at least
once a year, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. Diesel engines generally place
more demands on the oil in the lubricating system than do gasoline engines. The American
Petroleum Institute (API) Service Classification of Oils for diesel engines are: diesel general
(DG); diesel moderate (DM); and diesel severe (DS). Diesel oils may be used in gasoline
engines, but not vice versa. (Do not use detergent oil in an engine which was previously
operated with non-detergent oil). DG classification may be used where the engine is operated in
a clean location under moderate loads using good grade of fuel where no extremes in
temperature are encountered and where wear and control of engine deposits are not a problem.
(This grade generally would be suitable for standby engine generators on airport lighting systems


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