Quantcast Table A-7. Photoelectric devices

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Table A-6 (Continued)
Runway and Taxiway Lighting Systems
To provide continuity of guidance, the allowable percentage of unserviceable lights should not
be in a pattern that would alter the basic pattern of the lighting system. Additionally, an
unserviceable light should not be adjacent to another unserviceable light except in a barrette or
a crossbar where two adjacent unserviceable lights may be permitted. With respect to
barrettes, crossbars and runway edge lights, lights are considered to be adjacent if located
consecutively and:
Laterally - in the same barrette or crossbar; or
Longitudinally - in the same row of the edge lights or barrettes.
Threshold lights for precision runways are part of the approach lighting system and are not
included in this table.
Table A-7
Photoelectric devices
Tolerance / limit
1. Photocell operation (PAPI)
5 ft-cd
a. Turn-on to high setting
55 ft-cd
Same as initial
5 ft-cd
b. Turn-on to low setting
30 ft-cd
Same as initial
2. Photocell operation
(windsock, beacon,
runway lights)
5 ft-cd
a. Turn-on
below 55 ft-cd
Same as initial
5 ft-cd
b. Turn-off
above 30 ft-cd
Same as initial
5 degrees
3. Vertical orientation
25 degrees
Same as initial
from vertical
5 degrees
4. Horizontal orientation
True north
Same as initial


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