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Inclined Face Designs.
In stepped face or other construction
utilizing a slab-on-grade, design
the slab to support self-weight plus the
impact of breaking waves spanning
over local voids or weak spots in the
subgrade.  Where applicable, also
design to resist hydrostatic uplift due to
inundation of the backfill.
Elevation of Top of Wall
Inclined Face Designs.  Minimize overtopping of seawalls and
erosion of upland areas by setting the elevation of the wall top above the
level of breaking wave rush-up.  Generally, it is not economically feasible to
prevent overtopping completely, but it is desirable that the top of walls be
located approximately at the limit of run-up for the design wave.  For
approximate determination of run-up (swash height), refer to NAVFAC DM-26.2.
For rates of overtopping, refer to the Shore Protection Manual.
Vertical or Curved Face Designs.  The top of these walls should be
set at least twice the incident significant wave height above still water
level (elevated for storm surge).


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