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Filled, Cellular Construction
Stiffen cells by capping sheet pile walls with concrete (see
Figure 48).
b)  Do not rely on fill in cells to support slab.
Fill in cells
will settle and will settle differentially.
c)  Be cautious about driving displacement-type piles inside cells
for support of trackage, utilities, or other purpose.  Use non-displacement
d)  Be cautious about densifying soil in cells by use of compaction
piles or vibrators.
Appurtenances.  Fender systems, fittings, and other appurtenances
are to be provided as described for piers and wharves in MIL-HDBK-1025/1,
Piers and Wharves.  Utility services are to be provided as described for
dockside utilities in MIL-HDBK-1025/2, Dockside Utilities for Ship Service.
Aids to navigation are to be provided as described for harbors in DM-26.1,


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