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Mole.  A massive land-connected, solid fill structure of earth (generally
revetted) masonry, or large stone.  It may serve as a breakwater or pier.
Pier.  A dock that is built from the shore out into the harbor and used for
berthing and mooring vessels.
Pierhead Lines.
Lines which establish the outboard limit for open pier
Quarry Run Stone.
Stone as it is excavated from the quarry with no screening.
Refer to Section 2, para. 2.1.3.
Relieving Platform.  A platform supported by piles, employed in wharf
construction, to relieve lateral pressures from surcharge.
Revetment.  A facing of stone, concrete, or other form of armor built to
protect a scarp, embankment, or shore structure against erosion by wave action
or current.
Rigid Frame.  A rigid joint structure in which moments and shears in joints
maintain the equilibrium of the structure.
Riprap.  A layer, facing, or protective mound on stones randomly placed to
prevent erosion, scour, or sloughing of a structure or embankment; also the
stone so used.
Openings for drainage of water off a pier, wharf, or bridge deck.
Refer to Section 2, para. 2.1.1.
Shoreline.  The intersection of a specified plane of water with the shore or
beach (e.g., the highwater shoreline would be the intersection of the plane of
mean high water with the shore or beach).  The line delineating the shoreline
on National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration nautical charts and surveys
approximates the mean high water line.
Significant Wave Height.  The average height of the one-third highest waves of
a given wave group.  Note that the composition of the highest waves depends
upon the extent to which the lower waves are considered.  In wave record
analysis, the average height of the highest one-third of a selected number of
waves, this number being determined by dividing the time of record by the
significant period.
A space between two piers for berthing a vessel.
Soldier Beam.  Vertical beam used to resist lateral pressure through
cantilever action.
Overhanging section of vessel deck.
A longitudinal member in a structural framework.


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