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Environmental Factors. A range forming part of another building
must provide for the following:
a) Separated heating and ventilating systems for range (and air
conditioning, if required).
b) Effective noise reduction from pistol and rifle firing for other
rooms in building and outside areas.
Locate range on outside wall of existing building. Design
consideration shall be given to noise transmission and structural impact
effect of bullets striking bullet traps and metal baffle plates.  Consider
incorporating dampening pads under supports for bullet traps if required by
structural analysis. Refer to DM-3.10, Noise and Vibration Control for
Mechanical Equipment; NAVFAC DM-1.03, Architectural Acoustics; and MIL-HDBK-
1002/1, Structural Engineering General Requirements.
Bullet Traps. Ricochet end backsplatter are two products of bullet
projectiles that must be controlled by utilizing a properly designed and
constructed bullet trap.
In existing or converted facilities, bullet traps may be steel plate
set at 30 degrees to the line of fire for 5.56 mm or 7.62 mm rifle ammunition
and all pistol ammunition, or 42 degrees to the line of fire for pistol only,
both types with a water/send pit.  Commercially available "escalator" or
"venetian blind" bullet traps will normally meet all requirements provided
sufficient space is available for installation.  Solid wood, stone, concrete,
or brick bullet stops cause richocets and are prohibited.  The range must be
designed to withstand the most powerful cartridge authorized for use on the
range.  New indoor ranges will normally be designed to withstand use of .357
magnum and 9 mm ammunition.
The ventilation system must be designed to remove all contaminates
In the bullet trap area including silica dust if a sand trap is provided.  Two
commercially available types of bullet traps are:
a) Reverse Escalator Plate Type. The commercially available,
reverse "escalator" plate type bullet trap with dry lead catcher is preferred
for military ranges.  The bullet trap will be selected to accommodate the most
powerful weapon and ammunition to be used at the range, but no Armor Piercing
(AP) ammunition. The space behind the bullet trap shall be accessible for
maintenance and repair of facilities.


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