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40 footcandles is the required level of illumination at a workplane 3 feet above
the floor.  Also, the floor area beneath a bridge crane is required to be
illuminated to 40 footcandles at a workplane 3 feet above the floor. Radio Frequency Links.  The installation of radio frequency (RF) links is
recommended on outdoor cranes.  Each link should be selected on the basis of its
load rating and should have a 50-kilovolt rating.  A gauge for verifying the
original length of the link is to be procured with each link. Radio Controls.  Assure that the transmission range of the portable
transmitter unit to be used with the radio controls is less than 650 feet.  If
more than one crane in the building is to be operated by radio controls, assure
that there will be no interference between the systems.  Only systems which
operate on frequencies between 30 and 50 megahertz are to be installed.  Ensure
frequency allocations and assignments are obtained before a new system is
installed. Shore Power.  Two types of connections on portal cranes for AC shore
power, one sized to supply all of the ancillary loads on the crane and the other
sized to provide sufficient power for full crane operation are required; similar
connections for DC shore power are recommended if DC shore power is available.


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