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Section 9:
Main Crane Types.  Appendices A, B, and C are sample Crane Information
Forms for the most frequently procured crane types for Navy activities.  The
appropriate form must be completed by the customer activity prior to the
preparation of the crane procurement specification by The Navy Crane Center.
Appendix A All limiting dimensions, clearances, access platforms, and
interference's with load hooks in their operating envelope (such as the diagonal
runway column brace in Sketch A-4) that affect crane design, must be shown on the
sketches.  For design of new buildings, typical crane dimensions and required
clearances may be obtained from the Whiting Crane Handbook.
Appendix B For underrunning cranes, the existing runway or the building
support structure and anchor points for a new runway, must be shown in detail.
Since underrunning cranes are primarily standard commercial products,
manufacturers' catalogs should be reviewed to ascertain various configurations,
dimensions, and the required clearances.
Appendix C It is desirable to have the portal cranes delivered nearly
fully assembled on a barge.  Consequently, the off-loading location on the
waterfront must be identified and fully described.  Alternatively, if extensive
assembly/erection at the site is envisioned, that area must be clearly marked.
Sketch C-1 is intended for that purpose.  Additionally, clearance envelopes at the
level of travel trucks and above must be outlined.  The curves in the rail system
layout must be accurately defined in order to establish the required travel truck
Other Crane Types.  Similar forms and sketches must be prepared by the
customer activity for other crane types, using the sample forms as a guide for the
appropriate information and level of detail, to procure a crane design suitable
for the operational requirements and fully adapted to the site conditions.


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